Our selections of treatment dispensers cater to products that are less viscous in nature or require smaller output per stroke. Some of our treatment pumps, such as the OS, have an outer spring design that furthers protects the purity of the product within by eliminating contact with metal components in the fluid pathway.

Each treatment pump line is available in a wide range of standard GCMI/Europa sizes. Decoration options available for treatment dispensers can be found under the “Decoration Options” tab within each product page.

If you are interested in finding a matching bottle, we have included our recommendations under the “Gallery + Coordinating Items” tab for each dispenser product.
OS #1 OS #2 kingsley_bulb_dropper
OS #3 push_button_dropper OPTIMO X
Beauty Customized Airless Dispenser Beauty Customized Dispenser
Beauty Customized Bottle +  Dispenser Beauty Customized Dispenser
Beauty Customized Jar +  Closure Beauty Customized Dispenser
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