Company Cospack's two newest Airless Dispensers, DUO and Miami Clear, are available IN STOCK     Prairie High Profile Metal Closures are now Available In Stock From 48/400mm to 70/400mm sizes in Shiny and Matte Silver Color     Introducing BLISS COLLECTION - Cospack New Contemporary Family Range of Stock Airless Bottle with Matching Acrylic Jar     New Squeezable Soft Touch Bottle ROMEO is Now Available In Stock with ALPHA Metal Closure  


From the simple and elegant Pure White bottle molded in soft-touch to the sleek Ruby bottles that defines luxury, our In Stock In Style selection of Bottle + Dispenser offers an extensive collection of stock bottles in variety of materials and styles to provide you with aesthetic and functional versatility.

Each stock bottle is paired with a matching treatment, lotion, fine-mist dispenser or closure suitable for any cosmetics and personal care product use. If you are interested in creating an integrated look for your product line, select the “Gallery + Coordinating Items” tab to view recommended matching items as well as gallery images of selective products.

Click any image to learn more or contact us for additional information.


White Jade Ruby White ROMEO
In Stock In Style Airless Dispenser In Stock In Style Dispenser
In Stock In Style Bottle +  Dispenser In Stock In Style Dispenser
In Stock In Style Jar +  Closure In Stock In Style Dispenser
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